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New photos from the San Francisco Film Festival (April 29, 2010) How well he rock this look? LOVE the five o'clock shadow.

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San Francisco International Film Festival

Pictures of Leland and Jeanne at the 2010 San Francisco International Film Festival for Morning :))

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New old pictures!

Jeanne Tripplehorn and her husband Leland Orser go shopping with their son August Tripplehorn Orser in Hollywood
Los Angeles, California, USA - 14.11.09

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Morning news and pics

Morning trailer

Link to the official site: Morning the Movie with a great news:
"We are pleased to announce MORNING has been officially invited to participate in the 53rd San Francisco International Film Festival, April 22-May 6th, 2010."

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Twitter pic!

Hart Hanson, Bones creator posted a new picture of Leland on set.
And I also found this tweet from a few days ago: Hart Hanson: Leland Orser on the cast ... it's like a secret weapon. Incredibly adept and funny and touching. It's a bit disorienting.

So I guess Leland will be on Bones :D

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I'm thinking about opening a lj community for Leland,so we could all post at the same place.

I also have some more pics to add of Leland,Jeanne and August,but I'll wait for LJ to work better!

Slow days...

Just found this picture of Leland with August :)

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Some publicity for a friend site (Jon Hamm)

If you're a Jon Hamm fan, this post is for you :)
My friend Dbiloo got a great site and now a Forum about Jon Hamm (Mad Men for those who don't know him,hehe).

The site (click on the picture):

The Forum (click also on the picture):


Emmy Awards pictures!

Leland and Jeanne were at the Emmys :))

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Richard Armitage picspam

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